Altereolia, Another breath
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Future partners, our project is in the context of the energy transition. The trends are very favorable and the market is huge. We won the innovation competition "Innov'up 2012" .You have the choice between two types of partnership: A) You enter the capital of our company: BSB Engineering SAS (now !) BSB Engineering SAS holds the global license of concepts "Altereolia". At first it will have to complete the research and development phase (patent extension, manufacturing, testing and validation of prototypes). Duration 18 months. BSB Engineering SAS will design, sell distribution licenses and sell engineering services. Risk taking is low and leverage (investment) will be very important. B) You expect the validation of our concept (6-18 months). A second company will be created "BSB Industry". You can take all or part of the capital of that company. "BSB Industry" will sign production license worldwide and will be responsible for manufacturing (and / or subcontract) products designed by BSB Engineering SAS. In this case the profitability of your contributions in the company's capital will depend on the market. We're not worried, we already have many demands and context of the demand for energy is extremely favorable to our offer.