Altereolia, Another breath
In 2050, we will be 10 billion people on earth. How to feed all these people?
Livestock and agriculture require a lot of fresh water. Reserves are depleted. Global warming melts ice caps and galciers. We must use our intelligence application to solve this equation. How to get all that water is lost in the ocean?
The technologies exist (desalination of sea water, condensation from the air), but it requires a lot of energy. It is on this point that we need a special effort vaire. Produce energy, renewable, protective atmosphere and accessible to all.
This energy production should be decentralized to be closer to the user to revive our campaigns. Reverse the rural exodus.
We propose a solution, here is our project
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Another breath !
Mini wind power plants, the heart of people, able to provide:
electricity, fresh water and cold. All of which can be stored.
Our mini plants "Altereolia" consist of vertical axis wind turbines and light stacking can be placed on the roofs of buildings or plant. These are the "BSB turbines."
These can be fitted independently of each other, an "alternator BSB" to generate electricity, and form "AEROGENERATOR BSB" or "compressor BSB" air to produce compressed, cold, fresh water and form "AEROCOMPRESSEUR BSB." Solution allows the compressed air, among other things, an energy storage in cylinders.
A third solution is to equip our turbine pump for lifting water for storage or for irrigation and form "AEROPOMPE BSB"
For more information on these products and all of their benefits, visit the "our products" page.
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